The proof of the high quality of our products is the numerous awards won by the brand and the strong market position built since 1965. Properly selected, the best ingredients, the lack of preservatives and the process of pasteurization or sterilization – analogous to traditional, homemade preservation of products – guarantee taste and freshness. We want cooking to be fun as much as possible and be simple. Hence, for years we have been looking for solutions that will surprise you.

The lids with a safety clip – which are a guarantee of freshness; the innovative droplet stopper – putting an end to the bottle dripping with syrup; the spices placed in the cap. – which just need to be added to the meat; the passata in the bottle – giving control over how much sauce is left; health-promoting syrups and those in summer, refreshing flavours, or Łowicz jams 100% of fruit – sweetened with apple juice, not sugar, are just some of the novelties introduced over the years. We surprise with flavors and we are ahead of consumer expectations!

History of the Łowicz brand


The first logo and the Establishment of the Łowicz factory

The beginning of the history of the Łowicz brand.

“Łowicz” Fruit and Vegetable Industry plants introduce their first jams, plums stews and tomato concentrates.

The 70’s

Innovation – palletizing

The Łowicz plant is the first company in the food industry to introduce palletization of finished products in the warehouse. The production of jams, plum stews and natural compote is so large that even a train comes to the plant itself!


Office building for use

Completion of the construction of the main office building in Łowicz.

The 80’s

Research and Development Department starts

In the fruit and vegetable industry, Łowicz is distinguished by the presence of a dynamically operating Research and Development Department, then called the “Experimental Station”, thanks to which many new recipes, innovative solutions and rationalization projects were implemented.


New logo

Buyers looking for Łowicz products on the shelves are pleasantly surprised by the new brand logo and new, eye-catching labels.


The first sauces are ready

Ready-made sauces (tomato sauces) are a novelty, being a response to changes in the lifestyle of consumers.


First TV campaign

Łowicz concentrates enter the glass screen during the first TV campaign of the brand


The new product category

The new product category – fruit syrups, begins to mix in the glasses of thirsty people both in winter and summer. The use facilitates innovative droplet stopper.


Change of logo

The Łowicz logo loses cherries as a result of rebranding, and the offer gains traditional, ready-made vegetable and meat dishes.


Tomato novelties

The expansion of tomato flavors continues. Under the Łowicz brand, tomato puree in a cardboard box and canned tomatoes appear.


It kept happening!

This is a busy and creative time for explorers of new flavors from Łowicz. Italian sauces, health-promoting syrups, a new line of jam products Łowicz 100% of fruit are delivered to stores. For the youngest, they are made of 100% extra-smooth fruit.



The Łowicz brand joins the Maspex Group – the market leader in juices, nectars and beverages in Poland.


New Logo and vegetable paste

Łowicz introduced products from another, new category for the brand. The offer includes four vegetable pastes – each one different, all tasty and rich in fiber.