Łowicz jams have been cooked in the same place since 1965. It is our passion and long years tradition and commitment that make their taste so unique and adored by Poles. Discover our wide range of flavours and find your favourite one.

Jam 100% from fruit

We put 100% of the fruits, passions and experiences into each product, which resulted in the creation of the perfect jam. These are 100% fruit jams, full of taste and top quality.


Łowicz confitures are small works of art! These are whole fruits or large pieces of them immersed in thick fruit syrup. They are perfect for yogurt or muesli and as an addition to desserts. It is difficult to resist their intense taste and not to immerse the spoon in them. They don’t contain preservatives.

Plum spread

In Łowicz, we prepare plum jams in a traditional way. We take a lot of the best common plums, which we then cook for a long time until they turn into dense, plum sweetness. They are ideal for sandwiches, cakes, doughnuts and even as an addition to meat and cheese.

Additions to meat and cheese

The ideal addition to meat or cheese is Cranberry or Blueberry from Łowicz. They are full of fruit and sweet – dry taste. They are also perfect for culinary experiments. An essential addition during barbecues with friends and family holidays.